• I started out as an artist, teaching art to children for many years. I discovered digital photography around the time I retired and moved to Cape Cod.  I love photographing nature, gardens, landscapes, how the land meets the water, and how Cape Cod light becomes art in itself. My fascination with people pulls me into their worlds as well. I look for facial expressions that tell their stories.
  • But in the end, I am an artist and my love for pure art drives my photography. Color, design, composition, shapes and texture become prominent. I look for small, intimate vignettes that tell a much bigger story, hopefully engaging the viewer to stop, look and appreciate a new perspective on the world around them, as I do.
  • I recently found that my iphone has led me to more creative adventures more akin to my love of artistic experimentation. Through the use of iphone apps I found myself more and more creating artistic adaptations of my photographs. Now I am exhibiting and entering competitions with these photographs. For the last ten years I have delved into digital art on my ipadPro. My art has been exhibited both locally and internationally and I have a strong presence in social media. Many of my digital art pieces have won awards and I am now teaching artistic editing.
  • You can see my art on Instagram at jules4921. My Facebook url is www.Facebook.com/rita.colantonio.art


Please contact me directly for purchase information. [email protected] Thank you for visiting my site!